Duties of the Vestry
  • The Vestry is the "Board of Directors" for the parish corporation.  It is responsible for determining the policies of goals of the congregation and to communicate with the congregation about the goals, concerns, and functioning of the Church.  

  • The Rector is a member of the Vestry and presides over the meetings.  

  • The Senior Warden is appointed by the Rector from the Vestry members.  This person acts as a consultant and advisor to the Rector.

  • The Junior Warden is elected by the Vestry from its members.  This person is mainly responsible for the upkeep of church property.  

  • The clerk is the secretary of the Vestry. The clerk is responsible for keeping minutes of all meetings of the vestry and church.

  • Vestry members serve three year terms. No more than three members are rotated each year.   

Father David Miller, Rector

Vestry Member

Kim Gomez

Tom Langley

Patrick Phillips

Kathi Schneider

Ted Unruh

Rolland Vander Sluis  

Dick Waugh

James Wurts

Fr. David Miller

Ministry Team Leadership



Apostle's Teaching

Fellowship, Apostle's Teaching


Evangelism & Outreach, Sr. Warden 

Evangelism & Outreach, Admin

Fellowship, Jr. Warden

Breaking Bread, Prayer, Worship

Each Vestry member has identified his/her Spiritual Gift in order to support others with the same gifts.  For more information on Ministry Teams, click this link.