Caitlyn Christie



As an arts specialist, I build relationships with local artists such as musicians, dancers, actors, painters, weavers, poets, and storytellers, and encourage them to use their gifts of communication to nurture life-transforming interaction with God and His Word in their communities.  


I live in an indigenous community in Guatemala, where I am learning the Mayan language of Kaqchikel, surveying Kaqchiken arts, and cultivation relationships with artists in order to promote the use of the Bible in Kaqchikel.


I also work closely with Vina Association, which produces children's Bible story videos that are being dubbed into locxal languages around the world in a series called Deditos.  I am so grateful for the prayers and suport of the St. John's famiy as my sending church.   



from Caitlyn Christie

Arts Specialist with Wycliffe/SIL


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